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Furniture Repair

We offer both structural and cosmetic furniture repair. From wobbly chairs and broken spindles, to cabinet doors, and missing veneer, we can help make your furniture whole again.

  • We have a piece that we would like upcycled, do you do that?
    Yes! We LOVE to upcycle. Check out our gallery to see dressers that we’ve turned into benches, and headboard/footboard projects. Designing new pieces from old ones is one of our favorite things to do!
  • What kind of wood do you use?
    Each project is unique and there are multiple factors to consider. We will discuss and present all the options with you to determine which one will best meet your needs and budget.
  • How long will it take?
    Each project is unique. Completion time will depend on the complexity of the project and what our current workload is.
  • Do I need to pay upfront or when my project is complete?
    We require a non-refundable down payment of 50%. This allows us to purchase any materials at the cost provided in the estimate and also secures your place in our queue.
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