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  • Liquitex Basics Brush, Long Handle, Flat

Liquitex Basics Brush, Long Handle, Flat

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Long-handled, white nylon brushes are durable, easy to clean, and hold ample amounts of color. Medium-soft bristles provide the ideal responsiveness for soft-bodied to medium-bodied acrylics.

  • Brights/Shaders: Length and width of brush is generally squared. Similar to flats, but shorter hairs make a stiffer brush.
  • Fans: Brush fibers are spread out making it useful for subtle blending and for textural effects.
  • Filberts: Create a softer edge than a flat or bright.
  • Flats: Longer hairs than a bright, this brush has more flex and a large color carrying capability.
  • Rounds: Smaller sizes are typically used for detail work and larger sizes tend to be used for washes and filling in color.